Monday, January 30, 2012

Heart Candy Letter

I'm always trying to think of cheap, thoughtful gifts for my husband. I mean, what do you get a man who buys what he wants when he wants it..LOL. I found this neat idea and couldn't wait to share it with you! This can also be used to have fun with the kids.

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What you will need:

1. Paper Craft Glue: I like Craft Bond, Paper Craft Glue Gel

2. Candy Hearts: I chose to use the big ones because as you can see in the pictures below, the small ones were broken, blank, off center, and/or too light to read.

3. Paper: If it does not have lines and you want a little assistance writing straight, use a ruler and pencil to draw some temporary lines. Then write in pen and erase your pencil lines. If you choose colored paper, be careful of smudging the color off as you erase. I drew my lines an inch apart to fit my big hearts.

Begin by laying out the hearts you want in your letter. Write your Candy Heart Letter. Once you have your letter finished, then glue the hearts to the paper. If you would like the candies to be edible, you could always try frosting. Let it dry and it's ready to gift! Here's what I came up with.

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  1. Make sure you let your letter sit over night. The glue will wet the candy and takes longer to dry sitting under the sugar. Let me know if you wrote your own and how it turned out!


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